PROEL E-Laser 1200

E-Laser 1200 can equip any embroidery machine brand (single or multi head) Made in JAPAN

E-Laser 1200 can equip any embroidery machine brand (single or multi head) 

E-Laser 1200 comes from the synergy of Italian design and Japanese technology.
E-Laser 1200 express its maximum potential if bundled to the Single Head 12 Colors embroidery machine from Happy Japan but one of the most important features is for sure the ability to be attached to any single or multi head embroidery machine, regardless to the model or brand. It is possible to equip with a “Laser Needle” up to 16 heads simultaneously.
The use of Optical Fiber technology to carry the laser beam to the cutting area permit to use high power laser source, up to 75w. This allow to cut even difficult materials in a single pass, without the need of double or triple passes. In this way high quality cuts are guaranteeds.
E-Laser 1200 may be equiped with 30w, 50w and 75w Co2 sealed laser sources.
Thanks to the new fully digital electronic 2.0 and to the use of a powerfull microprocessor we could introduce a 7 power levels management that can be easly selected during the same job. Now you can chose
your multi layer applique materials without troubles.
The synergy with Happy Japan, partner of Proel TSI, brought to a deep integration between the E-Laser 1200 and the Happy Japan embroidery machine positioning the 12-needle E-Laser 1200 as the industry’s most capable equipement in its category, with unique fearures as:
• Maximum precision and accuracy of cuts
• Embroidery Machine working area fully used
• Larger Maximum working area in its category, 400mmx1200mm
• Ear-to-Ear Caps Working area at the top of its category, 80mmx360mm
• Cutting speed 1200 rpm

Working area (WxD)400 x 520 mm - 400 x 1200 mm
Working Area on Caps70 x 360 mm
Max Speed1200 rpm
Laser power30/50/60/75 W
Spot Diameter100 micron
Fumes suctionExternal and internal unit
LanguagesEN / IT / FR / GE / SP / PO
User InterfacePersonal computer - Machine control panel
Electrical input
1phase 220/240 Vac ±10% - 50/60Hz ±2%
Absorbed power max
1200 VA
Dimensions (WxDxH)
290 x 450 x 1230 mm (E-Laser 1200)
845 x 778 x 871 (Embroidery Machine)

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